Thanks to the 2011-2012 AMA Board!

 Why I Love AMA. A Little Poem from Jo Ann

I loved my term as President. Up and away we went! It’s such a great group—and I know with this team– where there is a will, there is a way.

Whether it’s Liz wooing Southwest, or Cindy talking to Newell. We are the best because AMA stands out from the rest.

Ashley’s dedication and leadership will take the chapter to new highs. Whether we think she looks like Pippa or Kate, her beauty follows her with every step she takes. With Renee at her side, the chapter will grow and thrive.

Jennifer and Teresa gave us the chic event AMY’s at the Fox—while Patrick and Greg led our collegiate efforts that totally rock!

Brandon is our hero teaching marketing to high schools. He has gotten us buzz, PR and wherever he goes, he rules. Serretha is drinking the cool-aid—and when Brandon says DECA, she says YouBetcha!

And Marion organizes our YP events and makes us seem a little cool.Amanda kept us in line as our secretary extraordinaire. And does she want to help us win the CEA, yes very.

And what rhymes with very—well that would be Mary. She and Liz gave us blockbuster programs to sell-out crowds. And when you see Mary, ask her about Bobby Flay and his elevator ride with AMA and I think he’d say scary.

Our web-site now has event photos, our blogs, tweet and cool flash. Thanks to Renee, Paul and Michael for making it a splash.

Louise gave us great buzz, PR and zip. While Kevin helped us with non-profits and made us seem a little more hip.

Stacy grew our membership by 11 per cent. We just beat NY and are on the heels of DC where we’ll ascent.

Angad and Michele grew our sponsorship by leaps and bounds. Cash sponsors and in-kind–a better duo could not be found.

Jon helped us count the beans to ensure we are financially lean and mean. And a big thanks to Susan and Stephanie for helping us herd the cats. And what I love about this group is I know that we all have each other’s back.

I feel lucky to know you. I hope you enjoy AMA as much as I do.


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