My Favorite Leadership Lessons

My 9 Leadership Lessons

They are:

1. Have Conviction– If you can conjure up conviction, you can use every situation as an opportunity for growth and challenge.

2. Be Present- Show-up and be there. Being present allows us to have presence and clear communication. Live in the now.

3. Have Fun-  Do what you love; love what you do.

4. Volunteer- My favorite people are those who raise their hand and say, “I’ll do that, I’ll help you out!” Good always comes from helping someone out.

5. Have Good Energy-Be positive and imagine the best possible outcome in every situation. It usually happens.

6. Be Informal– Which is not to be confused with unprofessional. Use humor especially in difficult situations.

7. Share Your Vision– Make sure people feel the cause in both the brain and the heart. Make them feel they are working on something larger than themselves.

8. Leverage the Team– Don’t pretend to know all the answers. Guide the team to get to the right decisions.

9. Be Yourself -Use everything you’ve learned in both your personal and professional life. Don’t compartmentalize or wall off one part of your life from the other.


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