My Favorite Leadership Lessons

My 9 Leadership Lessons

They are:

1. Have Conviction- If you can conjure up conviction, you can use every situation as an opportunity for growth and challenge.

2. Be Present- Show-up and be there. Being present allows us to have presence and clear communication. Live in the now.

3. Have Fun-  Do what you love; love what you do.

4. Volunteer- My favorite people are those who raise their hand and say, “I’ll do that, I’ll help you out!” Good always comes from helping someone out.

5. Have Good Energy-Be positive and imagine the best possible outcome in every situation. It usually happens.

6. Be Informal- Which is not to be confused with unprofessional. Use humor especially in difficult situations.

7. Share Your Vision- Make sure people feel the cause in both the brain and the heart. Make them feel they are working on something larger than themselves.

8. Leverage the Team- Don’t pretend to know all the answers. Guide the team to get to the right decisions.

9. Be Yourself -Use everything you’ve learned in both your personal and professional life. Don’t compartmentalize or wall off one part of your life from the other.

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