The Power of In Person

Soooo….I love Pinterest. It’s such an inspiring tool to that is so relevant for people seeking inspiration. I am also a big fan of infographics and have dedidated a board to infographics I love. I keep a file of infographics on my Pinterst acccount at

Paul Prisco, owner of Dog Food Designs, created an infographic for AMA. This is the first time I’d ever seen an infographic.

The infographic that has resonated with me the most is The Power of In-Person. I believe that one lunch, dinner or glass of wine is more valuable than 20 Linked-In contacts. In person meetings and connections do matter! In a time where people are searching for meaning, friendships and connections, there is no substitute for an in-person meeting.

My favorite groups are the WOOs (Women of Oakdale Road),  American Marketing Association, Leadership Atlanta and my dear Divine Diva friends from the Coca Cola Company.

So, carve out time to meet with people. Your life will be much richer and full as a result.


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